Generation II Air Chain Hoist

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    • Power Source:Electric
    • Type:Chain
    • Use:Construction Hoist
    • machine size:machine size

    Key Features

      Sealed planetary gearbox complies with heavy duty cycles, gears are heat treated and mounted on
      high strength low friction bearings to extend its life span.
    2.Load Chain & Chain Guide
      G80 load chain applied. The chain guide leads load chain working rapidly and smoothly on 
      sprocket without twisting.
      Toggle Cord (TC) & Pendant Control (PC) for users choice. They can offer variable speed control  
      with accurate & precise positioning of loads. 
      Non-asbestos disc brake is applied automatically when the are shut-off.
    5.Main Air Supply Shut-Off Type Overload Limiter System
      Two overload limiter devices for extra safety – a Mechanical Clutch type (MCT) % a Main Air   
      Supply Shut-off (MASSO) valve type.
      These devices are pre-set at the factory to an overload limit capacity value of the hoist rated  
      WLL x 125% and are adjustable.
      The main air supply shut-off overload limiter device MASSO valve which is integrated into the    
      air motor monitors the air pressure differential between the incoming air pressure and the   
      exhaust air pressure.
      When the overload limit capacity is reached the reduced exhaust air pressure is sensed and the   
      higher incoming air pressure over comes the valve spring tension and closes the valve thereby   
      closing the supply of air to the brake which then engages. However the hoist can still function  
      in the DOWN mode to allow the load to be lowered.
    6.Upper and Lower Load Chain Travel Limit Switch System(LSS)
      To ensure that the load chain hoist body are not damaged which can compromise safety, it is   
      essential to limit the maximum up/down travel limits of the load chain and load hook.
      Chain stops are attached to the load chain at the UP/DOWN travel limit points on wither end of   
      the load chain. Such Chain Stops activate the limit switch when the UP/DOWN chain travel points  
      are reached.
      When activated the limit switch mechanically closes the main air supply control piston to stop   
      the air supply to the air motor.
      When the hoist is operated in the reverse direction from the limit point the pressure on the     
      limit switch is released which allows the main air supply control piston spring to open the main 
      air valve and the hoist to operate.
      Such LSS is incorporated into both the pendant control and toggle cord operating control types   
      of YSA hoists.
    7.Hoist Housing
      High strength FCD cast-iron housing ensures shocks, bumps and corrosion resistance.
    8.Air-Lift Motor
      Air inlet to make vanes, through the power of centrifugal force and air-in, the motor makes   
      maximum torque. High quality material of vanes without O-rings inside special design to ensure   
      powerful loading and less maintenance.
    9.Emergency Stop Device
      The air stream from either the Red or Blue hose ports, as indicated above, operate and activate  
      the Emergency Stop Valve when the Emergency Stop Button on the Pendant Control Handle is   
      On activation the Emergency Stop Valve located on the air motor housing shuts-off the incoming   
      main air supply to the air motor.

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